US Imaging is a VIP radiology program for advanced imaging such as MRI, CT and PET scans. We make sure that members are informed about the cost and quality of their tests.





VIP Concierge Scheduling

  • Priority scheduling at a nearby facility at a day and time convenient to you
  • Written instructions, directions and reminder call the day before your appointment


Access to the US Imaging Quality Network of Radiology Facilities

  • A network of over 2,200 free-standing facilities across the United States
  • Assurance that facilities meet the American College of Radiology standards


Cost Savings

  • US Imaging can save you hundreds of dollars in out-of-pocket costs with an average savings of 30%
  • You will be informed of your out-of-pocket cost before your exam


Frequently Asked Questions

  • For a list of our most frequently asked questions regarding the US Imaging Program, please click here


If you are interested in US Imaging and your employer does not offer it yet, we are glad to contact your employer.  Please call US Imaging at 877-874-6385.


Real example of a member, with a 30% co-insurance who needed 3 CT scans


Description Without US Imaging With US Imaging Total Savings
Cost of 3 CT Scans $4,223 $1,350     $2,873
Member Responsibility 30% $1,267 $405         $862